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Panda Green Energy Group Limited
Panda Green Energy Group Limited (“Panda Green, 00686HK) is a leading eco-development solutions provider. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company was listed in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and is currently the constituent of the Hang Seng Composite Index Series, the Hang Seng Global Composite Index and the MSCI China Small Cap Index. 
  • As an integrated platform for worldwide new-energy resources, Panda Green attracted a number of Chinese and international investors. Besides Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., as the leading shareholder, Panda Green also has other renowned shareholders, such as China Merchants New Energy Group Limited, China Huarong Asset Management Company Limited, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group, Orix Corporation and Asia Climate Partners, which is owned by Asian Development Bank. Investments from the shareholders prove the achievements of Panda Green, as well as the fact that the international investors have the confidence in the future of the company.

    The group is principally engaged in the investment and operation of clean-energy projects, including solar power, wind power and hydropower. The projects spread over the nation. As September of 2019, the group owned 58 clean energy power plants with installed capacity over 2 GW and electricity generation of 3.19 billion kWh. The group constructed 5 national-level “Top Runner” projects, such as Shanxi Datong, Anhui Lianghuai, and 6 panda power plants in Shanxi Datong, Tibet Changdu, Anhui Fengtai and so on. Thanks to the effective management and the development of new technology, the power plants of Panda Green gained continuous growth in electricity generation and income.

  • Panda Green always adheres to the concept of “development, creativity, pragmatism and efficiency”, insists on standardized management, in order to build a corporate culture, which pursues “responsible, dedicated and believing”. The mission of the group is to drive to the development of sustainability, bringing the affordable clean energy to every corner of the world.
Vision & Mission
Panda Green Energy Group Limited is a leading global eco-development solutions provider

  • Vision
    To bring clean energy to the world as a leading eco-development solutions provider
  • Mission
    To build a green home, and let Panda smiles around the world
  • Core values
    Loyalty, honor, cooperation, innovation
  • Management philosophy
    Perseverance, sincerity, respect for people and harmony
Management Team
Member Position
Mr. Zhang Ping Executive Director/ Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Huang Hui Executive Director/ Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Chen Qinglong Executive President
Mr. Li Guangqiang Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Xu Yan Chief Administrative Officer
Key Milestones

Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd. subscribed 7,176,943,498 Shares, becoming the leading shareholder.


CMNEG, Huarong Overseas, Huaqing (a subsidiary of QCCI) and Asia Pacific Energy and Infrastructure Investment Group Limited invested a total amount of over HK$1.7 billion into the Company through a placement of our common shares.

On November 19, 2019, the Company entered into a subscription agreement with Beijing Energy Investment Holding (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, pursuant to which 7,176,943,498 shares of the Company would be purchased at a total price of HK$1,794.2 million, subject to certain conditions including shareholder and regulatory approvals.


June 2018, Won the 250MW Photovoltaic Super Top-Runner Project with LONGi Green Energy. This project is the first Super Top-Runner Project in China

May 2018, Acquired a 20MW solar power plant and a 50MW solar power plant in Inner Mongolia, the PRC

May 2018, The official launch of “Panda Operation and Maintenance System” in 2018 SNEC for building better green China

February 2018, The world's first energy blockchain community application public projects launched, co-sponsored by the China Merchants Charitable Foundation, TUV Nord, the New Energy Exchange, Panda Green Energy Group Limited and Huawei Technologies


December 2017, Achieved revenue of RMB1.522 billion

December 2017, Won the bid of 400MW wind and solar power project investment and development rights in Zhundong, Xinjiang

December 2017, Entered into the New Material Technology Strategic Cooperation Agreement with AVIC BIAM New Material to jointly develop and research on the grapheme VCI anti-corrosion materials

December 2017, Completed acquisition of 80MW solar power plant in Hunan Province

November 2017, Announced to build a customized Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) power plant and enter into Strategic cooperation agreement with WWF

November 2017, Completed acquisition of 40MW solar power plant in Hunan Province

November 2017, Successfully issued corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of RMB800 million

October 2017, The grape-photovoltaics integrated project under Panda Green located in Turpan, Xinjiang has successfully connected to grid and received national certificate

October 2017, The world’s second Panda Power Plant successfully landed in Guigang, Guangxi Province

October 2017, Completed acquisition of a 50MW connected-to-grid solar power plant in Inner Mongolia, the PRC

October 2017, Proposed a public issue of corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of not more than RMB1.5 billion with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission

September 2017, Being admitted to Southbound Trading under Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect as eligible stock

August 2017, Issue of corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of RMB800 million with a term of three years through private placement

August 2017, Signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with China Huarong, its strategic shareholder, to jointly develop global Panda Power Plants

August 2017, The completion ceremony of the world’s first Panda Power Plant was held at the Beijing office of United Nations

July 2017, Successfully issued corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of RMB200 million

June 2017, The world’s first Panda Power Plant in Datong, Shanxi was officially connected to the grid

May 2017, The Panda Power Plant project was officially incorporated into the Action Plan signed by the Chinese government and the United Nations at the B&R” Forum for International Cooperation

May 2017, Met President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines at the B&R” Forum for International Cooperation, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Philippine President’s Special Envoy to launch the Panda Power Plant of the United Nations in the Philippines

May 2017,Acquired 75% shares of Tibet Energy Company, and will jointly develop clean energy projects in large scale with the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region

May 2017,Entered into entered into Corporate Agreement with China Railway Construction Investment Group to investment in lean energy project in Sri Lanka

April 2017,Introduced China Huarong as a strategic shareholder

March 2017,CMNE increased shareholdings in Panda Green Energy, meanwhile, introduced the international famous investment institution ORIX and ACP under Asian Development Bank as strategic shareholders

February 2017, Further issued the three-year US$100 million senior notes

February 2017, Completed acquisition of a 17.29MW grid-connected solar power plant in Hebei, the PRC

January 2017,Acquired six grid-connected solar power plants with an aggregate installed capacity of 82.4MW located in the UK

January 2017,Successfully issued 350 million USD bond, which is the first USD bond issued by Chinese solar energy company


December 2016 ,Achieved revenue of RMB988 million

December 2016 ,Obtained the approval from the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors to issue RMB700 million medium-term notes

November 2016 ,Successfully launched the world’s first Panda Solar power plant project June 2016 The Datong National “Top Runner” Project with capacity of 100MW successfully connected to grid and started power generation

February 2016 ,Successfully obtained the integrated certification, including Certificate of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and Certificate of CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment)


December 2015, Achieved revenue of RMB631 million

November 2015 ,Became constituent of MSCI Global Small Cap China Index

August 2015 ,Became one of the constituent in five major Hang Seng Indexes

August 2015 ,Acquires 100mw Power Plant Projects of "Top Runner Programme" in Shanxi


December 2014 ,Achieved revenue of RMB379 million


June 2013, Completed the acquisition of CSPG, marking the commencement of M&A and operation of solar power plants

Shareholding Structure


Awards and Recognition
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